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Moe's Hypnotherapy at its best


Moe Clinical Hypnotherapy Services provides first-rate clinical hypnotherapy services for clients who would like to quit smoking, drinking , and substance use.  We also provide Facetime, Whatsapp , Zoom and Skype and in-person clinical hypnotherapy for stress, weight loss, PTSD,  depression and anxiety reduction. 

Issues at hand

Peace is just a text or a call away.

Do you want to be free from Anxiety or Stress?

Are you looking to permanently and rapidly change how you think, feel or act?

Do particular events, situations or environments make you feel Anxiety, Fear or Sadness?

Are you constantly in a state of varying Anxiety to some extent?

With Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (Hypno-CBT), you can learn to be free from Anxiety, Depression and Phobias.

Text (212-390-0533) or (212-882-1465)

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