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Julien Moe is a multilingual Fulbright Scholar life coach, and a certified clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in helping others heal from codependency, narcissistic abuse, emotional neglect, psychological invisibility, and alike. His coaching practice is founded upon the idea that all dysfunctional relationships with Self, and or with others, are the results of the thoughts beliefs and behaviors inaccurately or falsely impacted by psychodynamic experiences.

"I Will Help You:

• Enhance confidence, self-esteem and well-being

• Improve the quality of your life

• Reduce stress, increase productivity, develop peace of mind

• Get more energy, time, passion and focus

• Take control of daily stressful issues

• Reach your potential and academic, social and professional goals

• Love your work

• Have lasting relationships

• Personal freedom

• Find and sustain personal, academic and professional success, wealth and happiness

Your First Session will be a 60-minute formal assessment during which

I will explore all areas of your life (relationships, dating, career, fun & recreation, money, friends, family, personal development & growth)

I will help you discover what your satisfaction level is right now and where you want to be,

examine your values (what is important to you right now),

I will learn what's been getting in the way.

I will examine your thought processes and look for any limiting beliefs, assumptions, harmful patterns of thinking.

I will get your questions answered in person."

Life coaching is an action-oriented and solution-based approach where you are not just listened to but offered effective solutions to help you reach your academic, dating, social or professional goals in time. Through the coaching conversations, exercises, various tools and techniques, reflection, powerful questioning and inquiry you develop the self-confidence to be able to live a happy life but to thrive on the right track.

We won't look at your past and why you got to this place but instead we will focus on how you can make it better. Looking back at your life will be a place where you no longer judge yourself for past mistakes (which holds many individuals back) but discover how to reflect and learn from your actions and experiences so you are experiencing an action-learning-growth cycle.

We all have enough negativity in our lives, often, leading to great anxiety and fear. These harmful thoughts and feelings can prevent forward motion. Life coaching is based on positive psychology. You will learn to recognize unhealthy thought patterns that hold you back and use your strengths to reach your goals. We will focus on moving you forward with an emphasis on having a positive, healthy and focused head space.

Book Your Session Today, by calling 212-433-2420 or texting 212-390-0533.

We will work from the inside-out. We will explore your values; who you really are and what is right for you - not just what you were told was right but what you really want out of your life. Looking at this, along with exploring what challenges get in the way, you will begin to create the life of your dreams. This is when you will begin to truly live authentically and find fulfillment and satisfaction in the life you have created. Life coaching helps people create changes that will lead to the results they would like. It helps clients discover, clarify and align with what they want to attain.

Life coaching can address many different areas in a clients life. It can be used to help with short term or long term projects. Clients are able to set better goals and reach those goals. In explaining life coaching, sometimes it helps to explain what coaching is not. It is not psychotherapy, counseling, mentoring or consulting. However, there are some similarities. We will not look at your past but your future. It is not about me telling you what to do. How many times have you been lectured or told what to do? and did you find it motivating? Coaching is about your agenda. You decide what you want to cover and when to stop. You will find the right answers for you. However, I may guide you through my questioning and re-framing to find new choices and healthier perspectives. Coaching is about using some incredible tools and techniques to help you learn how to get what you want.


Why Does Life Coaching Work?

When you buy a new car most people spend a lot of time and energy doing research. They must compare cars to decide which car meets their specific needs. Therefore, they must know what is important to them and what car will supply these needs. They check out the features and decide what they need. They also shop around to find the best deal. Your life and your mind deserve the same attention that you would put into buying a car. Unfortunately, we were not born knowing how to get the most out of our lives. Most of us walk around blindly hoping we will get it right. Coaching gives you the power to be an active creator of your life.

Coaching provides structure, support and a tool belt of tools to help you learn how to do this yourself. A good coach is one who teaches you how to coach yourself. My clients often describe coaching as a life altering choice and as one of the best decisions they have ever made.


What are the Benefits of Life Coaching?

• Help people set better goals and reach those goals

• Build self-confidence

• Have someone champion, believe in and motivate you

• Find time and energy for the important areas in your life

• Become the leader in your life

• Finding fulfillment and life satisfaction

• Leading a balanced healthy life

• Reframing harmful perspectives

• Expanding choices

• A safe person/place to explore your life

• Provides openness and space needed for the journey of change

To book a session, please text or call 212-390-0533.


© JULIEN MOE LLC (Moe Corporation) is registered in the State of New York and has been in business since 2012.

For Group sessions & stress-reduction classes, please text to 212-390-0533

Tel: 212-390-0533

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